3 Quick Important Trade Show Tips

After a recent visit to a trade show, I felt I had to point out a few of quick thoughts that we all need to keep in mind. I am going to make this short and sweet and not going to give you too much, because that is the problem—TOO MUCH!

#1 – Too Much Fanfare
Please, tone it down a bit. I understand that some businesses and products need a little more trumpet-blasting than others do. However, for most, it is just over-the-top. Usually, it is a professional fair, show or exposition—not circus. I also understand that you often need something to help draw attention, but if you would never do it at your place of business, perhaps you should not do it at a trade show.

Also, at least make sure the attention getter relates to what you do. Come on; if you sell accounting software, I don’t see how the clown doing balloon tricks makes any sense.

#2 – Too Much Stuff
You obviously need a lot of marketing material at your booth, but don’t go crazy with this. When you give people too many options of things they can pick, they usually choose to pick up nothing. Narrow the parameters.

Part of the problem is that many sales and marketing people realize that a select few pieces of their normal material is insufficient for a trade show. Therefore, they put out EVERYTHING. Why not create a piece or two specifically designed for the event?

#3- Too Much Talk
Why is it that so many sales people seem to take their normal sales process and throw it out of the window at a show? Even at the show, you still have to ask questions, uncover problems and expose need. However, for some reason, when standing at that booth, some sales people become automated-TV-commercials with no pause or off switch.

Prepare a list of questions to ask people that stop by. Have at least one powerful “hook” question that will make attendees stop and think and simultaneously, help you begin to qualify the prospect.

Trade shows are simply another prospecting avenue and deserve the same diligent and professional sales processes that you use with other prospecting methods.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat
MTD Sales Training

(Image by Mark McLaughlin)


Adverts Dont Work

There’s a buzz going around the marketing world at the moment that “Most advertising does not work”.

I have to disagree.

It should really read “Most advertising does not work because people do not know how to do it correctly!”

It really is a shame to see so many businesses waste thousands of pounds each year through ineffective advertising.

The amount of times that I have gone into a company and reviewed their advertisements, only to be amazed at how poor they are is very common.


This may seem obvious but what is the purpose of your ad? Is it to generate a lead? A sale? An enquiry? A request for a free report?

Once you know make sure that every word within your ad is geared around this.

Here’s a short example that maybe of interest to you:

I was called in to redesign and optimise the adverts of a service provider. Their adverts were geared up to generate lead enquiries either through telephone, email or tear off coupon.

For their advertising expenditure they were getting 1 lead per every £10 of advertising that they spent.

I changed just one thing on their advert, it took me 20 seconds to do it and this figure came down to 1 lead per £4.50!

Want to know what it was?

Well, instead of offering the reader multiple options of how to contact the company like phone numbers, email addresses, snail mail addresses and even fax numbers, we just set up an 0800 number with a pre-recorded message, put it in big bold lettering during and at the end of the advert and let nature run it’s course!

My client received double it’s response rate within the first 20 seconds of meeting me!

Many Thanks

Sean McPheat