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1pm This Friday, Sean McPheat’s LIVE Sales Surgery

Here’s just a quick heads up of something I am doing this coming Friday 23rd April 2010 at 1pm UK time. In association with SMARTA I have been asked to conduct a LIVE Sales Surgery via webchat. For a couple of hours I will be answering any questions that are fired at me via a LIVE webchat and I’d love…

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Influencing A Remote Decision Maker

I received this question yesterday from one of my subscribers to my weekly sales tips: “Hi Sean, I have been coming up against a regular objection lately from my prospects and if you could offer some advice I would be most grateful! When trying to close prospects they are regularly telling me that they wish to go ahead, however they…

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How To Manage The Stress Of Constantly Performing

Here’s a question I got asked last week about keeping on top of your game: “I work for ABC and have been the number 1 performer for the last 4 years. Can you maybe give me any advice on managing the stress of constantly performing? Things like being totally nervous and anxious before nearly every appointment even though I have…

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Prospects Stalling? Try This!

Here’s a question I received today about prospects who stall and what to do about them: “Hi Sean, I always enjoy your emails and find them useful (and succinct). I am after some advice. What do you do about potential prospects who express high interest, but you have to keep chasing. Even when you are direct and ‘try to push…

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Are Sales People Born Or Are They Made?

I received this question from Tony Underhill 2 days ago: “Hi Sean, I’ve just read an interesting blog post on another site about whether sales people are made or are they born that way. As you are “my guru” what’s your take on this? The posting said that it’s a mix of the two” My thoughts on this: It’s an…

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How To Get Your Calls Returned

Here’s a question I got asked last week from a sales person who receives my weekly free sales tips: “Sean, I hate it when you call or email your prospects and they never return your calls! It’s so frustrating. Can you advise anything? Thanks as always – Jeff G” Here’s what I think: You send an email, but the prospect…

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Selling Value

Hi, Here’s some free sales training for you! I received an email a couple of days ago that asked for advice on how to react to prospects when you are more expensive than the competition. Here’s the question: “Our company sells installations, a problem that we have is that our prices are quite high and some customers say they have…

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The Procrastinator

Here’s a question I was emailed from one of my sales tips newsletter subscribers: Firstly, thanks very much for the tips. I really find them useful. I was wondering if you could help with another type of prospect that I seem to run into a lot. “The Procrastinator”. This is the prospect who seems very interested initially and loves to…

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BDM or Sales Executive

I received an interesting question not so long ago about the differences between a BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER and a SALES EXECUTIVE. Here’s the question: “How do I help my fiance believe she isn’t selling but its just market development?” Currently working for ABC COMPANY as an export sales administrator, her role is simply order taking and the administration of those…

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Buyer Reluctance

Here’s a question that was sent through email a couple of weeks ago: “Some of my clients may know someone who has had a bad experience with another product ie. paid £3000 for it and then kept them in a draw. Could you please give me some tips on how to convince my client that that would not happen to…

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