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3 Great Reads That Will Elevate You To Sales Excellence

I’m often asked by salespeople and sales managers about how they can develop their skills on a regular and consistent basis, and the obvious answer is to learn from experts and people who have been there and done that’. But it’s easier said than done. A quick search on Amazon shows over 300,000 books just on the subject of sales….

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ABC? No, Never Be Closing!

I’m an avid reader of good quality books on many subjects, and one that my team put my way last week has intrigued and interested me. “Never Be Closing” by Tim Dunne and Tim Hurson is an inventive and creative journey into presenting a sales structure and then providing invaluable techniques to help you use problem solving no matter what…

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Book Review: What The Customer Wants You To Know, by Ram Charan

Today’s sales conversations seem to revolve more than ever around price.  But, as I’ve said many times before, the customer of yesterday has changed forever. And today’s buyer wants something different. Price and value are still essential, of course, and today’s customer wants you to know how their business works, so you can make it work better. And guess what;…

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Book Review: The 800 Pound Gorilla Of Sales

About 12 months ago I was approached for an interview on how to dominate your market. Because MTD Sales Training is one of the dominant players in the UK sales training market, Bull Guertin wanted to know what we did to make it so. Now I’m not going to reveal our secrets because there are plenty of those! But what…

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Book Review – Playing Bigger Than You Are

As an “authority figure” in the UK sales scene I am often asked for my input and opinion on the latest book releases that come out on the market. I’ve actually got 14 of them stacked up at the moment so I’d better get my skates on! The latest book I have had the pleasure of reading and reviewing is:…

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