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The 6 Most Common Mistakes Salespeople Make In Their Opening Discussions

You’ll have heard of the ‘elevator speech’, that first few seconds’ introduction that can make or break a conversation you have with a prospective client. It’s called the elevator speech because it normally takes the same amount of time you’re in an elevator to make a first impression and make someone think it’s worth having a conversation with you. What…

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Use This Example To Get Prospects To Return Your Voicemails

I had a voice-message left on my phone last week from a sales call. There were basically two things wrong with it. The first was the caller didn’t say who he was or the name of the company. I had no idea who it was. It was just an introduction to his product. Secondly, he garbled his telephone number in…

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10 Quick Tips On How Sales People Can Improve Their Listening Skills

It’s often said that you never learn anything when you’re talking, only when you’re listening. How true is that statement! But we often meet people who are poor listeners. They interrupt, they are full of their own self-opinionated ideas, they love the sound of their own voice and they seldom allow you to get a word in. Know who I…

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What ALL Sales People Must Do Before Getting Back To Clients

When working with clients’ demands, it is often seen that we react to their wishes quickly and efficiently. Or do we respond quickly and efficiently? Aren’t they the same thing? Don’t they mean exactly the same and they’re just semantically different? Well, not really, and it’s important to know the difference so we can choose which one to use. Have…

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The Exact Time To Drop The ‘F-Bomb’ With Your Prospects

During my career in the finance industry, I had many occasions to discuss opportunities with prospects that centred around their investments, pensions, banking circumstances and the like. I would listen attentively as they told me what had happened in the past, how they had sometimes burned their fingers with investments and how they had made killings in other situations. It…

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How To Look REALLY Stupid In Front Of A Customer

My team and I often discuss the skills of top salespeople and how we admire their abilities to turn difficult situations around. We’re always seeking best-practice ideas that helps customers to improve their results, or increase their profits. The increasing pressure that top salespeople are under to achieve results makes it even more commendable that they are able to get…

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The Sales System That GUARANTEES Quality Customer Responses

We’ve always been told that questions are the holy grail of the salesperson’s quest to achieve results, as they uncover valuable nuggets of information that may be hidden in a customer’s mental vault. When we ask salespeople how they prepare their question bank for a sales meeting, it’s fairly obvious that this isn’t something that comes naturally. We’re not talking…

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6 Quick Ways To Improve Your Influencing Skills

influencing skills

Many of our delegates on our sales workshops want to improve or increase their influencing skills because they want to impress potential buyers into buying from them. This is natural, because we want to give reasons to buy and hence gain more opportunities. The skills we need to influence or persuade others doesn’t have to be forceful or manipulative. In…

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How To Be Specific When Locking Down The Customer’s Needs

Have you ever been in a discussion with a prospect and felt that you weren’t on  the same wavelength, or your understanding of their needs was too vague to button down? Have there been situations where you possibly misunderstood their meaning and came to conclusions that were not accurate? Don’t worry, it happens every day, and it’s often caused by…

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How These 4 Vision Questions Stimulate Your Customer’s Thinking

When in conversation with your customer or prospect, there are many things said that are important but maybe overlooked. This happens in every conversation we have, because the normal flow of conversation means that we are discussing ideas, concepts and principles that mean different things to different people. Every customer wants to have a better future for themselves and their…

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