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How To Look REALLY Stupid In Front Of A Customer

My team and I often discuss the skills of top salespeople and how we admire their abilities to turn difficult situations around. We’re always seeking best-practice ideas that helps customers to improve their results, or increase their profits. The increasing pressure that top salespeople are under to achieve results makes it even more commendable that they are able to get…

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6 Quick Ways To Improve Your Influencing Skills

influencing skills

Many of our delegates on our sales workshops want to improve or increase their influencing skills because they want to impress potential buyers into buying from them. This is natural, because we want to give reasons to buy and hence gain more opportunities. The skills we need to influence or persuade others doesn’t have to be forceful or manipulative. In…

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How To Be Specific When Locking Down The Customer’s Needs

Have you ever been in a discussion with a prospect and felt that you weren’t on  the same wavelength, or your understanding of their needs was too vague to button down? Have there been situations where you possibly misunderstood their meaning and came to conclusions that were not accurate? Don’t worry, it happens every day, and it’s often caused by…

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How These 4 Vision Questions Stimulate Your Customer’s Thinking

When in conversation with your customer or prospect, there are many things said that are important but maybe overlooked. This happens in every conversation we have, because the normal flow of conversation means that we are discussing ideas, concepts and principles that mean different things to different people. Every customer wants to have a better future for themselves and their…

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What Is The Most Influential Skill You Can Have As A Salesperson?

We often get asked on our sales programmes how salespeople can improve their sales. They want the golden ticket, the one thing that will mean the million pound deal, the loyal customer, the added business. Naturally, there isn’t just one skill that will be the ‘holy grail’; various things make up the top salesperson’s abilities to get results. If there…

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Six Steps to Convincing a Customer They Should Use You

It’s fascinating to see the changes that are going on in the world of selling. If you Google books on the subject, the plethora of ideas and techniques could leave you reeling in its complexity. If we try to apply all the new ideas that are available on how to sell, and listen to all the ‘gurus’ who claim to…

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7 Must Read Articles To Help You Build Value In Your Interactions

Value… What is it and how do you build it? Earlier on in the week I wrote about how to gain an insight into your buyers mind so you can appreciate what value is. And in response to that blog post I received quite a number of emails looking for further information on how to build value so I’ve hunted…

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Improve Your Sales Conversations With These Four Simple Steps

There’s a great strategy in communication that, I promise, will revolutionise the way you gain an understanding and rapport with a prospect. It’s something that I have to practice time and time again, as it doesn’t always come naturally in conversttion; but when it does, it works well and gives you that clarity that so many conversations lack. The process…

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What You See Often Overrides What You Hear

We are often taught in communicating with clients that our body language has a profound effect on the way the message is interpreted. The non-verbals are read by the client and often overrides the words that we hear. For example, if you ask someone if they feel confident about giving a presentation and they say ‘yes’, but then you see…

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Avoid The Five Biggest Sales Email Blunders

We see so many emails come through our office that, in all honesty, are an embarrassment to our profession. They are poorly laid out or lack impact or are lame in the extreme, too patronising, or something similar. Being one of the main avenues for most salespeople to connect with prospects, it’s imperative we utilise this communication medium in the…

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