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5 Myths & Misconceptions Of Top-Quality Salespeople

Our profession is full of myths and misconceptions. It has a plethora of ideas and techniques that have followed sales people down the ages, some of which have been built on shaky ground, others on foundations that are so old fashioned, they wouldn’t support any modern type of analysis. Here are my ideas on the biggest myths that our profession…

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Do Not THINK About Closing the Sale

There are a million tips all over the world on what to do to help you close the sale. You can find all sorts of tips, tricks, and magical scripts, as well as a bunch of pat answers to objections. In addition, in some places, like here at MTD Sales Training, you will find some very sophisticated and powerful closing…

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The "Take-Away" Can Be A Great Tool To Close Sales

For some reason, an intrinsic part of human nature is to desire that which is forbidden. It seems that whatever it is that we cannot, or should not have, are the very things we want most. Take anything, and deny someone of their right, ability or choice to have it, and they will want it more, simply because they can’t…

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Is It An Objection, A Stall Or A Condition?

You ask for the order and the prospect does not accept. Is the prospect objecting, stalling or is there a condition that is preventing the sale? I know these terms are familiar, but I don’t believe most sales people understand the differences between these three no-sale responses. However, understanding the difference will allow you to respond in the proper manner,…

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Should You EVER Make Small Talk On A Cold Call?

Small talk: That warm up is always a good thing in a face-to-face sales interaction. It’s that short period of time you have to create some rapport and chitchat a bit to ease into the sales presentation. However, should you ever attempt to initiate such a warm up in a cold call? While there are some very different, if not,…

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4 Ways To Oversell Yourself Right Out Of The Sale!

Can you oversell your product or service? Is it possible to oversell to the point where you actually lose the sale, causing the buyer to change his or her mind? In a word, YES! Here are four common ways that you can actually lose a sale after it’s done and dusted! #1. Continue to push benefits after a buying decision The…

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What To Do When The Prospect Wants To Engage In Sensitive Talk Like Politics or Religion

Often you get that prospect that wants to get you into a conversation about a sensitive issue such as political beliefs or theology. Also, there are those prospects that wish to use you as their personal sounding board for personal views on everything from racial issues to the sexual relations. It does not matter if your personal views on such…

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How To Deliver Bad News To The Sales Team

Due to circumstances well beyond your control, the new software version upgrade will not ship as promised. The sales team has anxious clients waiting for the upgrade, in addition to many prospects who are interested in seeing the new version. Moreover, the delay means that regular monthly maintenance fees are suspended and the sales team will not receive their monthly…

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When Should You Let A Sales Person Go?

You can always find much discussion on how to hire top sales people and how to recognise and find people who can be top producers.  However, when is it time to give up, admit your mistake and let a sales person go?  Other than unacceptable performance, dishonesty or blatant unprofessional behaviour, is there a time when you need to fire a…

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How To Create Your Own LUCK

Just how much of selling success is luck?  Some will say that selling has absolutely nothing to do with luck; instead it is all a matter of skill.   Others however, will maintain that, of course there is some element of luck involved in selling.  While still some sales professionals (as I have noted on this site) define luck as Labour Under…

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