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Are You Selling To Entrepreneurs Correctly?

Entrepreneurs are by their very nature independent and flexible in their approach to their company and the way it works. Every decision they make could have a big effect on their future operations, so they want to make sure their processes help them achieve their goals. This is often different to decision-makers in larger organisations, where the procedures they follow…

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Has The Economy Forced You To Become An Entrepreneur?

Over the past few years the UK economy has ‘forced’ many people to become reluctant entrepreneurs, through redundancy and lack of PAYE options. Well this blog is to sing praise to those people. I spend a lot of time encouraging and talking to small business owners advising them on matters such as social media marketing and sales skills. I do…

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Selling To Entrepreneurs: How To Make Your Company Stand Out

Ask buyers what their main decision-making criteria are and you’re bound to get a plethora of answers that revolve around the company’s goals, the saving of money, the reduction of risk, the efficiencies of running the business, and a host of others. Their main concern is how you can help their business succeed and gain credence in the marketplace. Some…

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Entrepreneurial Skills

Develop your Entrepreneurial Skills – that’s a key activity that you need to develop if you’re going to sell more product or service to the sophisticated and sales savvy buyer of today. When I say that you need to improve entrepreneurial skills, I mean that you need to start viewing your planning, your prospecting, your sales process, in fact everything…

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