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Good Examples

How A Salesperson Made A Great Impression

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I love buying things. But I hate being sold to. I’m sure you’ve heard that many times, and have experienced it yourself so many times, too. And I had an example recently where I was sold to, but didn’t even realise it. Every now and again, I’m forced to go shopping with my wife Donna […]

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“I Am Happy With My Current Supplier,” Is NOT An Objection

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Every day, I hear from sales people who are confused, frustrated or defeated by facing what they feel is a nearly insurmountable objection: “I am sorry, but I am very happy with my current supplier/vendor. We have been doing business with them for many years and have no reason to change…” This position strikes terror […]

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To Be A Top Sales Person, Just Follow The BASICS

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Everyone and anyone in the business of professional selling wants to know, “How can I become a top sales person in my industry?” Most sales people have a desire to be the best, and of course, that achievement requires working hard as well as smart. However, with all of the millions of tips out there, […]

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