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How A Salesperson Made A Great Impression

I love buying things. But I hate being sold to. I’m sure you’ve heard that many times, and have experienced it yourself so many times, too. And I had an example recently where I was sold to, but didn’t even realise it. Every now and again, I’m forced to go shopping with my wife Donna and daughter Holly. By ‘forced’,…

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“I Am Happy With My Current Supplier,” Is NOT An Objection

Every day, I hear from sales people who are confused, frustrated or defeated by facing what they feel is a nearly insurmountable objection: “I am sorry, but I am very happy with my current supplier/vendor. We have been doing business with them for many years and have no reason to change…” This position strikes terror in most sales people and…

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3 Essential Tips For Providing Great Customer Service

Providing unparalleled customer service, and after the-sale service, in today’s marketplace, is essential in maintaining customer loyalty. Today’s modern and educated buyer demands more for less, and is always aware of alternative options, including alternative vendors and competitive offers. Check it Out Following are three mission critical points for providing good customer service. Although these tips may seem obvious, do…

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To Be A Top Sales Person, Just Follow The BASICS

Everyone and anyone in the business of professional selling wants to know, “How can I become a top sales person in my industry?” Most sales people have a desire to be the best, and of course, that achievement requires working hard as well as smart. However, with all of the millions of tips out there, I believe I can break…

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They Bent Over Backwards To Satisfy The Customer

I just got this in from my friend and super salesman, John Landrine in the US, about an experience he had this past weekend. I had to share it with you and I have a couple of questions for you after you read this short story and example of customer service at its finest! Excellent Service = More Sales “Sean,…

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What To Do When The Prospect Blames You: Part II

It can be extremely frustrating when the customer wants to hold you accountable for something that your competition did or did not do.   In, “What to Do When the Prospect Blames You for Your Competitors’ Failures,”  I mentioned that when this happens, there are two possibilities: #1 – The situation is one that is common in the industry #2 –…

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What To Do When The Prospect Blames You For Your Competitors’ Failures

What do you do when the prospect wants to hold you accountable for a problem caused by one of your competitors?  The prospect had a bad experience with a company that sells the same product as you, and is convinced that doing business with you will have the same result. Guilty By Association Below is a way to handle the situation…

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5 Successful Selling Tips From The Great Sam-I-am

You can find Sam-I-Am in the critically acclaimed children’s book, “Green Eggs & Ham,” by the famed Dr. Seuss.  First published in 1960 by Random House, “Green Eggs & Ham,” tells the story of two characters: one named Sam-I-Am and another, an unnamed character I will call “IT.” Eloquently presented with colourful images and rhymes, the book follows Sam as…

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A Good Way To Deal With Discounts

One of our trainers is looking for a new car for September delivery and he shared with me his experience at his local dealership. I thought I’d share his story with you… “I had settled on a new model, agreed the spec and was ready to negotiate the price downwards with the salesman. I teach this stuff, so it should…

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Should You Ever Dump A Prospect?

Too right you should! I was asked this question at a business breakfast meeting I attended last week. Some prospects will drain the life out of you if you continually follow up with them and they keep brushing you off or if you keep hearing “oh, you’ve just missed him, he’s gone into a meeting now”. When you keep hearing…

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