Sean McPheat Is Bringing Modern Day Selling To The ISMM This October

In no less than 6 weeks MTD Sales Training’s MD Sean McPheat will be returning to the stage at the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management’s (ISMM) Successful Selling Conference at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry on October 12th.

Following on from the success of last year’s conference where Sean keynoted to over 1,000 sales professionals on his alternative sales method known as eselling©. During his keynote, Sean showed the audience at the ISMM why they should be using social media and other internet-based services to enable better prospecting, personal branding, networking and engaging with key decision makers online.

This year Sean will be delivering his Practical Sales Clinic breakout session, in which he will be digging even deeper into the concepts behind modern day selling and showing attendees at the event exactly how they can use the power of social media in their selling to gain a real return on their investment.

Sean’s return to the Successful Selling Conference has been causing quite a stir in the local media, with the Coventry Telegraph publishing a great piece on the background behind Sean’s modern day sales approach – detailing Sean’s achievements as an entrepreneur and the owner of many successful internet-based businesses.

Sean has proven that his modern day approach to selling really does work, and he is keen to show other sales professionals and business owners in all sectors and industries exactly how they can use the Internet to improve their sales performance and generate more qualified leads for their business.

For more information on the ISMM Successful Selling Conference, including a full agenda of the day, please visit

See you again soon folks,

Louise Denny

Marketing Manager

MTD Sales Training

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MTD’s MD Named As Top Sales Influencer For 2012

Hi all,

It’s MTD’s Marketing Manager Louise here today. I thought I’d take over the Sales Blog today as I have some interesting news about MTD Sales Training’s MD Sean McPheat.

Sean has been named as one of the Top 25 Sales Influencers For 2012, which he is obviously very excited to know. The article has been produced by OpenView Labs, who have detailed their list of top influential sales leaders on the Web today – and Sean has been named as one the most powerful thought leaders in the world of sales management, lead generation and modern day selling.

Sean shares the top spot with the likes of best-selling author Jill Konrath, author of The Sales Blog Anthony Iannarino and thought leader Sharon Drew Morgan.

Sean has been tipped as “one to watch” in 2012, so make sure you log on to the MTD Sales Blog every day to get your quick fix of expert sales knowledge.

Happy selling!


Louise Denny

Marketing Manager

MTD Sales Training

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Entrepreneurs Bootcamp 2008

I’m writing this from my hotel room on Brighton front – it’s 10pm.

I’m at the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp 2008 at the Brighton Centre with 4000 budding business owners and wannabes.

There are some pretty kool speakers on during this 3 day marathon. The days are long from 9am – 7pm each day.

Now here’s a funny thing, and why I am writing this blog…

I must have networked with about 20 odd people today and 90% have ended up saying “Why are you attending this Sean? You should be one of the speakers!”

Now, I take my personal development very seriously. And whilst I have won awards for my entrepreneurialism and business achievements I am constantly looking to improve and stretch myself. Even if I only take away 2 or 3 things from these 3 days I would have viewed that as a success.

What are you doing to improve your skills? Oh, by the way, are you aware that I have just come off a 52 day training course?

What?! I hear you cry!

Ok, the days weren’t all taken together but I have invested in 52 days worth of training in the last 365 days.

Want to know how I have taken the course?

Well, I’ve taken it in my car!

I listen to sales, marketing, self development, knitting for beginners cd’s (that last one’s a joke by the way!) in my car on the way to work and when I drive home from work without exception. Then, there are the times when I am travelling to seminars like this bootcamp, another 3 hours, and also client visits (6 hours worth of travel time last week alone).

I worked it out the other day.

45 mins to work, 45 mins home = 1 1/2 hours per day
1 1/2 hours per day x 5 days a week = 7.5 hours per week = 1 working day
1 working day x 52 weeks = 52 days

Amazing huh?

So, instead of listening to Franz Ferdinand or Kylie – invest in your brain and in your knowledge.

Remember you never learn from the cd’s you don’t listen to and the advice you don’t hear!

All the best from a windy Brighton, it’s time to get some shut eye!


Sean McPheat
MTD Sales Training
Tel: 0800 849 6732

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Hells Kitchen

So Marco Pierre White has filled the shoes of his protege Gordon Ramsay!

How did he do?

Well, last nights opening programme was compelling viewing. I loved to see how Marco tried to “make his mark” over the latest bunch of Z list celebrities.

Having eaten in 3 of Gordon Ramsays restaurants (I am a big fan of GR by the way), I find the whole “Celebrity Chef” thing to be crazy. The food was awesome (but not enough of it) and I wondered whether I was there for the food or to say that I have eaten at GR’s restuarant – I’m still pondering my motives!

Take last night. A poor chap complained that his meal was freezing. Marco said “That’s tough, eat it that way or leave!”

Imagine if we had that attitude with our prospects? I suppose it makes great viewing!

I’ve been offered a lot of TV work with regards to business improvement and sales. Most of them have really opened my eyes to all of this reality TV I can tell you! They wanted me to make fools out of people, to put them down, to crucify them – all for the sake of viewing figures!

My sales training lesson out of all of this?

Sometimes people will do business with you because of who you are. Thinking about it, I don’t think I would go to a Gary Rhodes or Jamie Oliver restuarant because they are not “My type of person”. Learn this lesson with what you sell, position yourself and take the profits on the back of what you do.

Sean Mc

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