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3 Key Ingredients For A Successful Sales Meeting – Infographic

There are 3 main aspects of your performance in a sales meeting that can really encourage the prospects or client to come on board with you. Find out exactly what these 3 key ingredients are in our infographic below. Click here to download a full size version of the infographic above Happy selling! Sean McPheat Managing Director MTD Sales Training…

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The 5 Real Issues When Dealing With Email Enquiries – Infographic

In modern businesses today, most sales people will spend a good proportion of their time responding to email enquiries from prospects – rather than having these initial conversations over the phone. Whilst email might be a quick and effective way to interact with potential prospects and existing clients, there are some issues with using email as part of the sales…

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5 Ways Your Existing Clients Can Help Boost Your Business – Infographic

Our existing clients can be of great benefit to us when trying to boost our sales. They can have a load of potentially new or repeat business, be able to refer you, become a joint venture partner with you or simply provide you with an amazing review or be a referee regarding a service or product you have provided them….

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10 Top Tips To Becoming The Worst Sales Person Of The Year – Infographic

Ever wanted to become the worst sales person of the year? No, we thought not! But you would be surprised how many sales people still have some (or all) of these of these bad sales habits. Take a long hard look at the infographic below to make sure you are not likely to be nominated worst sales person of the…

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Don’t Be Fooled By These 3 Cold Calling Myths – Infographic

Over the last couple of years, cold calling has been given the cold shoulder by many salespeople as they just don’t feel that it has any value when trying to get through to today’s modern buyers. Whilst it is true that cold calling is a dying art, this particular method of prospecting can still be used very successfully if it…

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PIMMS O’Clock Anyone? 5 Ways To Ensure Great Communication – Infographic

Now that the British Summer is finally underway and we have been able to enjoy several glorious weeks of sunshine, I bet a fair few of you have been enjoying a refreshing glass of Pimms and lemonade whilst at a a recent garden party or BBQ – yes?! Well, did you know that Pimms is not only a great summer…

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The 7 & A Half Sales Phrases To Avoid At All Costs – Infographic

In any profession there is the risk that you will pick up bad habits, and it often seems the longer you have been doing the job the more bad habits you have accrued and the harder it is for you to break them. The sales profession is no different, and many sales people will have picked up some out-of-date and…

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Understanding Different Buyer Types – Infographic

As a sales person, you cannot simply use the same sales techniques to sell to every prospects because not all prospects are the same. Each buyer will have a different way of thinking, a different way of understanding and a different decision making process – so “one style suits all” is certainly not the best approach for sales people to…

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Building Rapport – Infographic

Whenever you use phrases like “I only do business with him/her” or “I think that person really understands me”, the likelihood is that you have experienced ‘Rapport’. Rapport is a personal state between two or more people which allow relationships to form, trust to be built and frustrations to be eased, and this is obviously very important skills for sales…

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A Day In The Life Of A Sales Person – Infographic

Many business people think they know what a sales professional does with their day and could map out exactly how the average sales person spends their time, which would probably involve a few meetings, some cold calling and (of course) a fair bit of selling – either over the telephone or face to face. However, today’s modern sales people have…

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