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8 Questions That Will Help You Sell Your Uniqueness- Video Blog

How many times have you been told to sell your USP? Many sales people struggle with this as they have very little (if anything) that is unique to their business. The competition sells similar products, the guarantees are the same, the services differ very little. So how can you sell something that is unique to you? Watch this short video…

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A New Perspective On Researching The Competition

One thing that salespeople have to do in abundance is to research the competition. But there is another mindset that you can work on that will offer a different perspective on things. Most salespeople will carry out research on their competition. They try to keep up to date with what offers the competition are making to current and future prospects….

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Techy Tuesday – Be In The Know With Google Alerts

When the domain first went online in 1997, few could have guessed it would soon become the massive online entity that it is today. With over 620 million visitors to the site every day, who produce more than 87 billion worldwide searches every month, Google should be considered any business’ first point of call when it comes to building…

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What To Do When The Prospect Blames You For Your Competitors’ Failures

What do you do when the prospect wants to hold you accountable for a problem caused by one of your competitors?  The prospect had a bad experience with a company that sells the same product as you, and is convinced that doing business with you will have the same result. Guilty By Association Below is a way to handle the situation…

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3 Ideas for Selling Against The Competition

Many questions we get asked here at MTD revolve around selling against the competition. If prospects mention they are talking to other suppliers, how should you handle it? What’s the best way to approach the subject without it sounding apologetic or obviously downgrading their capabilities? The best way is to define how the competition are good, but only in specific…

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Selling Against Competition

You know that your products and services are better than your competition. You’ve checked them out and done your homework. You’ve seen off many competitors and they’ve bitten the dust in your wake. So why on earth would customers still use them instead of you? Unbelievable, yeah? Well, looking at it from the customer’s perspective, they obviously had a very…

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Keep Your Friends Close And Your Enemies Even Closer

  For those of you that have been on any of my 121 coaching or consulting programmes and have gotten to know the “Real Sean” (whatever that means!) then: A. You know that I’m a big fan of the The Godfather films! and B. You also know that I am obsessive about knowing all there is to know about the…

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