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Poor Examples

The Effects Of Giving Discounts On Your Products

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I always enjoy reading true stories that readers send in. They offer a real perspective on how life is like for sales guys out there in the big world. Sometimes these stories highlight points that are worth sharing and today’s post is exactly one of those. Here’s the story I received, as I received it… […]

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No, No – I’m Trying To Give YOU Money Here!

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I am literally amazed at how people make it so damn difficult for me to give them some money! And lots of money too! Not so long back I attended a freebie breakfast meeting. All was ok and one of the speakers was the MD from a firm of business mentors. Now being a CEO (it’s lonely […]

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3 Ways To Mess Up A Perfectly Good Sale

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I teach a lot of “Best Practices” here at MTD Sales Training. However, every once in a while, it’s time to explore some of those “Worst Practices.” You can do a few things at the end of the sales process that completely ruins everything. The prospecting process went perfect. One telephone call set the appointment […]

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Are You Really Asking For The Order?

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Failing to Ask For the Sale A problem that many sales people have is that they do not properly ask for the order. They do not clearly ask the prospect to make a decision. Now before you say, “Oh, I don’t have that problem…” you may want to read on. Below are three ways of […]

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The 3 Worst Cold Calling Tips Ever

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Cold calling presents a ton of challenges to sales professionals at every level and in every industry.  Therefore, there are a plethora of tips, tricks and magical scripts to help sales people overcome objections, get though GK screens and close sales or set appointments.  However, out of this excess of advice, there are three so-called […]

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