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Here’s How You Know You’ve Earned The Right To A Referral..

Referrals are probably the easiest type of business to get because they are opportunities that are given to you by buyers or decision-makers who know you and trust you enough to put their reputation on the line. But what is a good definition of a referral? One word that comes to mind is ‘risk’. It’s risky for a company to…

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What All Sales People Must Do Before Asking For Referrals

Referrals have often been called the solid gold introductions for future sales, because they offer something of much greater value than cold calls or informal introductions. Referrals are like gold as the results of good referrals are easy to measure and quantify. The clients you are working with are to be mined for introductions and recommendations, so the old sales…

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4 Quick Tips On Gaining More Referrals Than You Can Handle

One area where many salespeople fall short is the gaining of referrals from their clients. Many simply forget to ask; others think it’s an imposition that might put the client under too much pressure. Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt that getting a referral from an existing client is the surest way of getting an introduction to a new potential…

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How To Contact A Direct Referral

We just love those conversations where you hear the customer say ‘You know…I think such-and-such would benefit from this as well!’ That is like honey dripping from their tongue and you should grab that opportunity to ask about the person they are referring to you and make anote of their contact details. But how should you approach them? Jumping in…

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The 3 Most Costly Prospecting Mistakes

Below are three clear and simple mistakes that sales people routinely make while prospecting. Prospecting mistakes are the most costly problems because most sales people and sales management never actually realise the full affect of prospecting errors. What You Can Not See CAN Hurt YOU The problem is that it is much easier to see and understand others selling issues…

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3 Tips On Getting Referrals From Prospects That Do Not Buy

Some sales people have trouble asking for and getting referrals from prospects that buy, and even from long term clients. However, the majority of sales people have a serious problem when it comes to obtaining referrals from those prospects that do not buy.  Here are a couple of tips to help you get more referrals from those, “No-Sales.” #1.  Ask for…

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Three Powerful Tips to Get More Referrals

Good referrals can make the career of a sales professional a thousand times easier and more profitable. Everyone knows the value of a good referral, yet so many sales people have problems getting referrals. Following are three very effective tips to help you get more referrals right now. #1: Ask Before the Close Most sales people have a real problem…

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You Have A Referral, How Do You Get Through The Gatekeeper?

I received an interesting question from a lady named Stephanie, who asks, “If I get a referral from someone, how do I explain that to the gatekeeper without sounding too long?” Referrals are always the best way to get your name known in a company, because you have a specific reason for calling and it is not a dreaded cold-call….

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Asking For Referrals

How to Ask for Referrals from Satisfied Clients I have seen and heard tons of techniques and tricks on how to ask for referrals from your customers. But I have to tell you that most of those so-called golden nuggets are actually outdated, old-school pitch-mentality approaches to working with updated, modern and sophisticated consumers. I am going to make this…

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