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How This Small Change Of Mindset Will Smash Your Sales Targets

I was talking to a sales manager recently, who was concerned about one of his salespeople. This person was suffering from a negative mind-set, where if he didn’t sell or at least get the appointments he wanted, he felt very demoralised and actually called himself a failure. This happens regularly, where a person’s self-esteem and self-worth are linked to their…

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3 Essential Traits That Elevate Your Credibility In Sales

We are supposedly exposed to over 5,000 marketing, advertising and other types of messages each day. Personally, I think it’s a lot more, especially when you think of how many emails we get! What does this mean to a hard-working, stress-induced salesperson? Well, it could mean that when you approach any new prospect, you are fighting ever harder to even…

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The Complete A-Z Guide To Success In Sales


There is a saying that goes: “Many people want to have before they be and do. The truth is that you need to be and do before you have.” I’m sure you’ve heard people say that they will do things they want to do and be the kind of person they want to be when they have the things that…

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4 Steps To Become More ‘Sales Savvy’

not very sales savvy

Being sales savvy is to have the business acumen, practical knowledge and active ability to carry out your sales job effectively and efficiently. Most salespeople would mark themselves fairly high when asked if they are savvy when it comes to selling. Very few would admit they don’t know how to promote their products or are unable to improve in their…

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How To Turn Failure Into Success In Sales

Let me say something that, on the face of it, may sound puzzling. You learn more when things are going badly than when they are going well. Go on, admit it…that’s an interesting statement (even if you don’t agree with it!) What I’m referring to is the fact that no-one goes through life being successful every time. The only way…

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6 Ways To Accurately Measure How You Differentiate From Your Competitor

Today’s world is merciless if you don’t match your competitive offers and design quality. The business road is littered with companies who have failed in their attempts to launch or develop product or service offerings that fell short of the competitions. How can you differential effectively against your competition? What can make you stand head and shoulders above them so…

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Looking At Sales Success From A Different Perspective

One of my team has been running a successful sales programme for a large international client and, during one of our recent meetings; he mentioned how the client’s sales teams have been intrigued by our perspective on selling in the 21st century. Many sales programmes put the emphasis on the sales process and how we should present solutions based on…

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How To Be “Switched On” When It Comes To Your Sales Approach

I once owned an old house and had to have it rewired. The electrics were basically shot and the place could have been a firetrap if I didn’t have something done pretty quickly. The electrician worked hard to ensure everything was correctly done and, thankfully, he did an excellent job. I asked him to explain what would happen if something…

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Who Do You Compare Yourself Against When Judging Your Own Performance?

The European Athletic Championships have just finished and it was great to see these athletes competing at the highest level. I’m amazed how some of these runners can perform the way they do and hardly be out of breath at the end. If that was me, I’d have collapsed in a heap just after the starting pistol had sounded! What…

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Why Do Salespeople Talk Too Much?

A few years ago I was privileged to hear an American speaker discuss what were the worst habits that salespeople displayed. Among some of the answers that came up were poor listening, presenting the products too early and having a different agenda to the customer. But one habit that shone out above most of the others was the inability to…

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