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Powerful Advice For The New Sales Person

You can always find a multitude of tips and tricks for sales people. Sales techniques, closing strategies and prospecting avenues abound. However, I have found that usually these pillars of advice pertain to the sales person who has been with their company, at least for some length of time. I am also guilty of this, in that most of my…

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How To Choose The Sales Company That Is Right For You

Sales people can find a plethora of tips and tricks on closing sales, and sales managers can easily locate information on how to find good sales people to work with. Yet, there is not a lot of information for the sales person on how to find a good company to work with. Here are a few tips to help you…

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When Should You Let A Sales Person Go?

You can always find much discussion on how to hire top sales people and how to recognise and find people who can be top producers.  However, when is it time to give up, admit your mistake and let a sales person go?  Other than unacceptable performance, dishonesty or blatant unprofessional behaviour, is there a time when you need to fire a…

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Use Personal Recruiting To Build Your Sales Team

With the advent of the Internet and numerous sites like CareerBuilder and LinkedIn, job searching has become largely electronic.  Yet finding top sales people, especially those who will become long-term loyal assets to your firm, remains a difficult task. However, with all of our advanced technology, word-of-mouth is still a powerful and effective tool, not only in selling, but in…

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6 Qualities Of The Modern Day Sales Professional

You probably know already that I often speak and write about the evolution of the modern-day buyer. However, simply adapting to some new and advanced techniques is not enough.  Today’s sales professional has to evolve along with the modern-day buyer in every aspect.  So, let’s take a moment and identify some of the qualities needed for today’s modern-day sales professional. #1:  Today’s…

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A Question To Use When Hiring Top Sales People

Hiring the right sales people is a difficult task and this little role playing scenario will help.  Keep in mind that this is not to be used as the only deciding factor in your hiring choice.  We also recommend that you test (with assessments and also during the interview) for competencies, skills, attitude and ability. This is just a useful exercise to…

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An Effective Way To Identify Top Sales People

Finding and hiring good people is a challenge in any industry.  However, identifying and hiring people who can become top sales producers is a monumental feat few have been able to achieve with any level of consistency. However, I have found that this one test, this short role-playing scenario, can help you identify people who have all of the necessary…

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How To Make A Sales Hiring Decision

I’ve been receiving a lot of CV’s lately from sales professionals who have either been made redundant who like what we do and want to work for MTD! A lot of them talk a good game and have very impressive CV’s but who do you choose? And if you’ve been recruiting for sales positions then you probably know what I…

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How To Hire Top Sales People

Finding and hiring good people is difficult in any industry. However, recruiting top sales people presents a plethora of unique challenges for the sales manager not found when hiring any other employee demographic. The main reason is that it is extremely difficult to predict who will be a top sales person. History tells us that the best sales people do…

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Sales Recruitment Tip

Whilst we specialise in sales training, coaching and consultancy we are very frequently asked, and especially myself for some reason, to help with either the recruitment of or the selection of sales people for organisations. And to tell you the truth I love it because I have seen it all with this! The best and most effective interview question that I…

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