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At What Point In The Sale Should You Disclose The Price?

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We all know the old rule-of-thumb in selling which is to try not to reveal or discuss the price of what you are selling, until after you have completed your sales presentation. However, dealing with today’s modern, more educated consumer, many of which are demanding price before presentation; should you still try to avoid  talking […]

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5 Sales Tips For A Tough Economy

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Yeah, yeah, yeah – recession this, tough economy that…..I’m sick of hearing it and I bet you are too! Now whether you think the “recession” is real or not we need to face the facts and admit that a lot of our prospects and clients are scared shitless! So what can we do to make […]

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Call Yourself A Sales Professional?

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There are hundreds, no thousands of people roaming the streets today and calling themselves sales professionals! And yes, don’t get me wrong there are some out there but in all of my travels around the world and having come into contact, trained and witnessed literally thousands of sales people in action, there are a lot […]

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The Business & Success Mindset Required For Riches!

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Here’s a radio interview I had for Insight Radio about the winners mindset! Insight Radio was Europe’s first radio station for blind and partially sighted people and I was very pleased to do a 6 part series for them on success and personal development. Here’s the recording which you can listen to now via streaming […]

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