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Guidelines For Asking The Best Quality Questions In A Sales Meeting

The brain is the most wonderful computer on the planet. In fact, it’s pretty much an insult to the brain to compare it to a computer. Even the most powerful computer built is left a distant second to the brain in efficiency ratings. The interesting thing about human brains is it is always searching for meaning.   When it’s faced…

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Questions That Get You Quality Answers

One of the best qualities that we can develop in sales is the skill of asking questions. Being able to obtain information from prospects is a pre-requisite to providing answers and services to them. When we ask salespeople what type of questions they ask of their prospects, they often reply with ‘open’ and ‘closed’ questions. These are the basic questions…

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3 Quick Important Trade Show Tips

After a recent visit to a trade show, I felt I had to point out a few of quick thoughts that we all need to keep in mind. I am going to make this short and sweet and not going to give you too much, because that is the problem—TOO MUCH! #1 – Too Much Fanfare Please, tone it down…

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Sales Questions – Pull Out The Problems First

I’m asked a lot about the value of asking the right sales questions, so much so that I put a free report together on the homepage of the blog on the top 23 sales questions to use with your prospects! You see, in any sales interaction you need to adopt the PULL rather PUSH mentality. What I mean by this…

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