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The Best Type Of Question That Gets Quick Answers

What makes a great salesperson? Product knowledge? Great organisation and timekeeping? The ability to prospect effectively? All these are, of course, vital in the armoury of the salesperson who wants to make a success of their profession. But there’s one skill that I believe puts a salesperson head and shoulders above their competition, especially when they are actually face to…

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Improve Your Chances With Better Qualification Questions

One of the most frequent questions we get asked on our sales courses is concerning the qualification stage of the sale. Many salespeople want to have a suite of questions that will get the client to open up and give them all the information they need. Some of these questions are pretty lame, at best. Probes like ‘Do you have…

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Are You Qualifying Hard Enough? 3 Powerful Tips On Qualifying The Decision Maker Over The Telephone

If you are still having problems with unqualified DMs (Decision Makers) when you show up, then perhaps you are not qualifying for the true DM on the telephone as strong as you think you are. It is very common for even some of the most experienced sales people to under qualify or incorrectly qualify DMs on the telephone and there…

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Shift Your Buyer’s Focus With Quality Questions

We have spoken at length of value-based propositions, and we have discussed how buyers who understand the complexity of their needs are more open to value-added solutions. The question is, how do we get buyers to understand that their needs are more improtant than price, so they are willing to pay more for a better solution? Well, we begin by…

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10 Cage-Rattling Questions to Ask Yourself in Your Sales Career

Seldom do salespeople give themselves the opportunity to reflect on where they are in their career or where they are heading. They are either too involved in the nitty-gritty, everyday operational view of their jobs and accounts, or they don’t think it an important-enough issue to consider it for a long time. Or, as I suspect is the case in…

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15 Ways You Know The Prospect Is Ready To Buy

If you listen and look carefully to what the prospect is saying, there is no need to depend on tricks or closing techniques to get them to agree to the order. When you’re giving your presentation, your prospect will give signals or signs to communicate, sometimes subconsciously, that they are ready to move on to the commitment stage. Here are…

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Ask Deeper Questions To Unearth Treasures in Your Customer’s Business

There was a report in our local paper about a husband and wife who had lived in their house for over 30 years. The husband was definitely not a gardener, and hadn’t done anything of any significance to his garden for all the time they had lived there. If he had done any work in the garden at all, it…

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