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Complaints Can Lead To Sales – If You Handle Them Right

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No matter how well you’ve done your job, there will always be things that are outside of your control. Things that would drive your customer mad. Things that would make them annoyed. And things that simply add up to bad service. Complaining customers can be a nightmare, but if handled correctly, can actually give you […]

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6 Steps In Dealing With Angry Customers

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There comes a time in every salesperson’s life when they have to deal with someone who has justification to be angry. Maybe it was a major problem with deliveries, something has been promised and it didn’t materialise, or there’s been a complete mix-up that has led to the customer being put in a bad position. […]

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Dealing With Disappointed Customers

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Is it possible to get everything right with every customer? I think you’ll agree that it’s very difficult. Dealing with disappointed customers is something that all businesses need to get right. Research shows that around 70 % of people will do business with you again if you can resolve their problem or complaint, and this […]

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