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Here’s An Innovative Way To Create Loyalty & To Get ‘Em Coming Back For More!

So I’ve arrived in Prague on business, get into a taxi outside the airport and the first thing I see is this advert on the back of the drivers and passenger seat. It’s an advert for 47% off my fare if I call the business card instead of getting the hotel to arrange a taxi for me. The taxi driver…

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The ABC’s Of Account Management

No introduction or explanation needed here. I am just going to give it to you simple, brief and straight. Follow these A B C s of account management, and you will grow your business! A – Advise If you really did your job in closing the sale, then you were able to elevate yourself from the position of sales person,…

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3 Essential Tips For Providing Great Customer Service

Providing unparalleled customer service, and after the-sale service, in today’s marketplace, is essential in maintaining customer loyalty. Today’s modern and educated buyer demands more for less, and is always aware of alternative options, including alternative vendors and competitive offers. Check it Out Following are three mission critical points for providing good customer service. Although these tips may seem obvious, do…

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Can You Change The Price Only Prospect Into A Good Loyal Client?

In a recent post, “4 Powerful Reasons To Walk Away From The Price ONLY Prospect,” I detailed how and why you need to walk away from that POP (Price Only Prospect). That is the prospect who cares nothing about service, value, or even reputation and is only concerned with, “How much?” Even if you give away your shirt to close…

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3 Powerful Tips To Create Client Loyalty

In today’s marketplace of shrinking budgets, growing competition and modern, sophisticated buyers, establishing stronger client loyalty is not easy. There always stands a competitor ready to offer lower prices and higher value, while buyers are also looking to play companies off one another in search of the best deal. It should be obvious to anyone in business today, that to…

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Are Your Customers Re-signing or Resigning?

Any customer who buys from you should have the opportunity to purchase your product or service again. In the real world, this doesn’t always happen. here are some reasons why customers may not carry out repeat business with you and become your loyal customer: 1. Showing no genuine or personal interest. This is the biggest reason why customers leave…apathy by…

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Build More Than Relationships With Customers

A lot of salespeople say to us that they spend so much time building relationships with prospects, but don’t always get the order. They ask us ‘If relationships are so important to the sales process, why aren’t we selling every time? Are we wasting our time?’ No, not really. But see it from the customer’s point of view. You’re nice…

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Book Review: What The Customer Wants You To Know, by Ram Charan

Today’s sales conversations seem to revolve more than ever around price.  But, as I’ve said many times before, the customer of yesterday has changed forever. And today’s buyer wants something different. Price and value are still essential, of course, and today’s customer wants you to know how their business works, so you can make it work better. And guess what;…

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Strategies For Keeping Customers Loyal

When I talk to salespeople who have been in the business for a long time, they most often agree that the last two or three years have been the hardest time they have gone through. The global downturn has hit many salespeople really hard. Yet, there are those who have thrived and prospered during this downturn and kept many of…

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Build On Customer Loyalty

I was speaking to one of our clients this week about his job role. He’s an account manager. So he manages accounts. Sounds good. Every account we have needs managing. But his gripe was concerning the fact that he has to spend so much time looking for new business that he seldom has enough time to develop business with his…

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