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Want To Learn More About Modern Day Selling? David Brent’s Got Just The Man For You…

The modern day sales process has changed, and sales professionals across all sectors and industries are having to change the way that they sell in order to engage and interact with the modern day buyer. The days of the mighty cold call are fading away fast, as the modern day buyer simply doesn’t want to be sold to. Instead, the…

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David Brent pops into MTD’s office and MTD’s 3 year old recruit – ah, bless

Hi there all, It’s MTD’s Marketing Manager Louise here, dropping in with another little snippet of life in the MTD office for you. And this week I have two little treats up my sleeve. Firstly I’d like to tell you about MTD’s newest (and littlest) recruit. Meet Livi, Sean’s youngest eselling® protégée! Livi’s mother Stephanie Keller has sent us in…

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