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The Best Answer To ‘Can You Match Their Price?’

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Most salespeople dread the question that asks if you can match the price the competitor has offered. It immediately puts you on the back foot, as you probably wanted to concentrate on how your products would benefit the prospect and now they want to discuss price. It can be hard to judge when price should […]

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3 Ways to Deal With Price Pressure

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The most frequently asked question we get asked on our sales courses is the one related to price. ‘How can we resist the temptation to give away the shop? We’re not a charity, but our customers often think we are’. It’s a common complaint. Even though there’s no doubt in your mind that your product […]

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Offer Something Better Than Discounts

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How do you react when your customer requests a discount? Usually, we react in one of two ways…either with disappointment that we hadn’t built up the value in the customer’s eyes before discussing price, or with anticipation that we may get a sale if we both negotiate to an agreeable figure. How about trying something […]

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