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Exactly What Are “Hot Buttons” And How Do You Use Them In A Sale?

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We have all heard the terminology about the so called “Hot Button.” “You have to find the prospect’s hot buttons…” “Push their hot buttons…” etc. But here is a question for you: What exactly are hot buttons? The last time I looked I did not see any buttons on the buyer. What are these magical […]

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Only Applicable Knowledge Is Power

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I believe someone once said that knowledge is power. I beg to differ however. It is really only applicable knowledge that is power. As a professional sales person, you can have all of the knowledge in the world. But unless you know how to apply that knowledge to help the buyer; it is useless. However, […]

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Pull Rather Than Push For Successful Selling

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If you want to be really successful at selling then you need to learn how to pull out the problems and the hurt from your clients rather than just pushing your products and services down their throat. Unfortunately a lot of salespeople just “show and throw up” all over their clients. “Our products does this….” […]

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