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The One Emotion That Can Drive Prospects To Make Decisions

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There are many emotions that we experience when we are in front of a prospect. We may be nervous about the reaction we might get when we meet up. We might be concerned that we may miss a key component when we discuss the needs of the prospect. And we may feel buzzed and excited […]

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Helping Customers Make Decisions

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Your ability to sell is most often tied in to your ability to help customers make the best decisions for themselves and their businesses. Having seen many salespeople try to persuade customers by telling them how good their products and services are, we have written many times of the need to put on the buyer’s […]

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Emotional Selling Proposition – Better Than A Unique Selling Proposition?

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Emotional Selling Proposition – have you got one? We all know that sales are based mostly on emotion and the decision is backed up with logic. That’s the law of the salesperson! You’ve heard of a USP right? i.e Unique Selling Proposition – well, these are the benefits that your prospects and clients can look […]

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