eselling® Becomes Amazon Best Seller

Just a quick piece of news that eselling® became an Amazon bestseller last week in the Sales & Marketing category and E-Commerce category. It went to #1!

For all of you that purchased the book I just wanted to say a big thank you and for all of the positive reviews that are up on Amazon already!

And if you haven’t purchased a copy yet…..what’s kept you?!


All the best


Sean McPheat

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Purchase eselling® Today And Receive Some Stunning Bonuses

My latest groundbreaking book eselling® is now available on Amazon and if you order today you will receive some stunning bonuses that include:

  • An online sales training session run by me for each of the next three months (30-45 minutes in length)
  • Entry into a free draw for a chance to win one of five sales coaching sessions with me
  • A mystery bonus that you will only know once you order!

All you need to do is order via Amazon and then email me your Amazon receipt to and then I will confirm your bonuses and details.

There’s a lot of buzz being generated about this book and I have already been signed up to deliver 5 keynotes about it before it is even launched so please “get in” on these unique ways to prospect and sell and get in at the start.

Please note that these special bonuses are only available if you order today, Thursday 7th July 2011.

I wish you all the very best in your selling efforts and I look forward to hearing your success story once you start to implement the techniques in the book


Sean McPheat

Click on the book image below to order:


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