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The New Breed of Sales Person – They Don’t Actually Sell

Sales. A great profession, isn’t it? The world would stop if people didn’t sell things. I love buying things. I have toys and gadgets that surround me in my business and personal life. Many of them I bought out of choice, but many of them were bought by me after I was influenced by a salesperson, and I’m happy there…

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The Mind-Set Of Sales Excellence

There was once a footballer who had a great game. His forward play was faultless, his precision applauded and his deft touches sublime. He hit a superb hat-trick and was fated all round the world for his performance. An English premiership manager saw the player, had his agent approached and within a couple of weeks had signed him. Unfortunately, the…

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Get Out Of Denial and Provide Outstanding Service

A really interesting survey was carried out by an American company called ‘Success Masters’. They asked their clients to complete a ‘Customer Service Evaluation’ form, where, amongst other questions, they asked this one: “How many customers walk away from an encounter with you or your staff “absolutely astonished” at the level of Service you have provided for  them”? They were…

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