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The One Emotion That Can Drive Prospects To Make Decisions

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There are many emotions that we experience when we are in front of a prospect. We may be nervous about the reaction we might get when we meet up. We might be concerned that we may miss a key component when we discuss the needs of the prospect. And we may feel buzzed and excited […]

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A Big Selling Mistake – Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover

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Be honest; have you ever walked into a sales interaction or had a prospect come in the door and immediately say to yourself, “OMG! This is a losing situation?” No matter how hard we try, often it is difficult NOT to make predetermined, and usually unfounded judgments about people based on first appearances. It is […]

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Making A Great First Impression In Sales

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Cliché warning alert!: “First impressions last.” “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” OK, I know. You can groan now! But let’s think for a second. What if these old clichés are actually true? What if the impression you provide could make or break the relationship with the prospect? It’s said […]

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