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A Different Way To Deal With Objections

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Why do objections occur? It’s an age-old question that gets salespeople crying into their beer. There are, naturally, many reasons why they come up, but they tend to revolve around one main cause…that the value of change doesn’t match the status quo. Here’s a different way to deal with objections. When a prospect states an […]

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Is “I’m Just Looking” An Objection?

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It is incredible that three mere words from a total stranger will often create fear, frustration and feebleness in some of the most experienced sales people. The extremely common response of “I’M JUST LOOKING,” from a prospective customer, actually causes some retail sales reps to walk away and WAIT for the prospect to convert him […]

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A Powerful Way To Handle The Spouse Objection

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“Well, everything looks good. But I just have to ask my wife about this…” “Yes, it is a great offer, but I always discuss things like this with my husband first…” Is It an Objection, a Stall or a Condition? We are all familiar with the spouse objection, and before I give you a great […]

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One Great Sales Close

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Following is one powerfully effective sales close that I am finding is quickly becoming a favourite among many sales people. The three main reasons I like this sales close is… 1. It is simple 2. It HELPS the prospect sort out the issues and see things clearly 3. It HELPS the sales person find the […]

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