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The Best Question to Ask When Customers Enquire About Your Price

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The whole economic world has changed in the last few years. It will never be ‘business as usual’ again. Most companies that haven’t adapted to the changes will either no longer exist or will have suffered dramatically. One thing that many salespeople tell us has risen high on the client’s agenda more than ever before […]

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You STILL Need To Sell The Sizzle, Not The Steak

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We all heard the old adage, “Sell the sizzle, not the steak.” However, I often wonder if some sales people truly understand the concept, or feel that it is still relevant when dealing with today’s modern buyer. In a word, YES. From the beginning of time until the end of such, you must understand how […]

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“Stick Out Your Tongue And Say Ahh…” To Build Sales Value

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You’ve spent years perfecting your craft and learning everything there is to know about what you sell and the competition. However, you have to be careful not to allow that knowledge to flow too swiftly. The Instant Response Of course, some products and services require light-speed responses, but selling most products and services today, requires […]

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The Four Dimensions Of The Trusted Advisor

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You want the customer to view you as more than a sales person. You want them to view you as more than a consultant. You need them to view you as a trusted advisor. Only then do your views, your comments, your suggestions, your advice actually hit home to the client and make them pay […]

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