Do Not Take Your Best Sales People For Granted

Ok, when the sales person started with your firm, you thought that he or she was a prodigy. You then invested the time and money to get the sales rookie up to speed. You eventually established difficult, yet achievable goals and quotas.

A Big Deal
Finally, the sales person began to hit the mark. The first few times that happened, you where ecstatic! You clearly demonstrated appreciation for the hard work and dedication of the sales person with congratulatory statements, awards and spiffs. When the sales person began to achieve the numbers, it was indeed a big deal, as you know the work it requires.

The Uncommon, Common Place
Then, after the sales person begins to hit the mark over and over, week in and week out, and even with you constantly raising the bar, you know you have a winner; a superstar.

When that understanding sets in, you must be aware that often you now begin to EXPECT RESULTS that are above the norm from this person. You begin to lose the excitement and appreciation you once felt. The sales person’s uncommon sales results, now become a common occurrence.

The Thrill Is Gone
At this point, usually in sales meetings, the admiration and congratulatory recognition dissipates and it is simply the same sales star doing what he or she is expected to do. It becomes very easy to begin to take this person for granted.

Same Effort
You have to remember, that while the reaching that high-standard of achievement has become common place for the sales person, the effort and hard work remains. It is true that many parts of the sales process may have become easier and more routine for the sales star, continuing to deliver exceptional results, still requires exceptional effort.

Appreciate Every Drop
You have to take precaution about beginning to become lethargic in your appreciation of the achievements of those who constantly achieve. Usually management spends so much time working with and pushing those who fall short, that those sales team members that are exceeding, get little attention.

You must continue to pay attention to, recognise and truly appreciate the achievements of the superstar sales person just as if he or she achieved such success for the very first time.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat
MTD Sales Training

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To Be A Top Sales Person, Just Follow The BASICS

Everyone and anyone in the business of professional selling wants to know, “How can I become a top sales person in my industry?” Most sales people have a desire to be the best, and of course, that achievement requires working hard as well as smart.

However, with all of the millions of tips out there, I believe I can break this down into a few simple and basic things you need to do to reach the highest levels in your profession.

Just follow the B.A.S.I.C. s.

The B.A.S.I.C.S

B = Believe
I know you have heard me say a thousand times that you must truly believe in what you sell. Yet, please understand that I say that because it involves more than just psychology or mental disposition. Your belief in what you do, or the lack thereof, will severely affect your technical ability to sell. Your belief in your product or service and the benefits to the customer, has to be much stronger than your personal desire for the commission, or it will hamper your ability to close.

You have to confidently and consistently ask for the order. Once again, I know some are saying, “Come on Sean, you told us that a hundred times.” Yet, please understand, most sales people do not ask for the order with enough strength and conviction to be successful; which brings me back to the B – Believe.

Unless you wholeheartedly believe that buying the product or service is the best decision for the prospective customer, you will have difficulty asking for the order after the second, third or fourth “NO.” The difference between professional persistence and nagging harassment is your personal conviction of the offer.

S = Science
You have to understand the science of your profession. By science, I am referring to the understanding of the mathematical logic and reasoning of your profession, the numbers, the equations, and the averages.

You must develop a transparent view of how you EARN your money and what your time is worth. You need to understand your closing average, average sale, and average earnings, so that you can see not only how much you earn on an average sale, but what earn when you DO NOT sell.

Calculate how much you actually earn for every sales presentation or interaction, whether you close the sale or not. Then set your goals on completing a certain amount of interactions, period.

I = Information Technology
Look, it is very simple; if you are not using every electronic and virtual tool at your disposal, you are a dinosaur. Today, things like CRM software, calendar-sharing, e-prosecuting, social media marketing, and a powerful internet presence are not luxuries; they are the foundational tools of the trade.

C = Care
I dare use the age-old adage, “People don’t care how much you know, until they first know how much you care.” When a prospective client can see that you truly have their best interest at heart and that you care more about their welfare and benefits more than you do about the money, that’s when you will begin to see success beyond measure.

As you can see, the BASICs start and depend on the B – how much you believe.

So, to be a top sales person…

Believe in what you sell.
Ask for the order with consistent conviction. use the
Use the Science of Selling.
Make efficient use of Information Technology
Seriously Care about your customer and your profession.

Follow the BASICs and you will enjoy an income and style of living that is any but basic!

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat
MTD Sales Training

(Image by David Castillo Dominici)

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