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How To Increase Your Client Transaction Value

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Being able to sell more to more clients is the holy grail for salespeople. Your ability to get more business from current customers is really the foundation for improving the margins and quantity of product sales. One way you can increase sales is by concentrating on increasing the value of each transaction with each client. […]

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How To Build Value In A Sales Presentation

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Increase the value, or the perceived value of what you sell, and you will make more sales! You have to have ways to raise the value of your product or service. By that, I mean, when the buyer feels that the return, is greater than the investment, you will close more sales. The sale often […]

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“Stick Out Your Tongue And Say Ahh…” To Build Sales Value

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You’ve spent years perfecting your craft and learning everything there is to know about what you sell and the competition. However, you have to be careful not to allow that knowledge to flow too swiftly. The Instant Response Of course, some products and services require light-speed responses, but selling most products and services today, requires […]

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When The Buyer Does Not Perceive Your Value

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Many times, your buyer will take a look at your up-front price and reject it. This is because they don’t see how the goods or services you offer will solve their problems at the price stated. In other words, value has not been built up in the customer’s mind. Value isn’t waht you think it […]

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