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Improve Your Sales Conversations With These Four Simple Steps

There’s a great strategy in communication that, I promise, will revolutionise the way you gain an understanding and rapport with a prospect. It’s something that I have to practice time and time again, as it doesn’t always come naturally in conversttion; but when it does, it works well and gives you that clarity that so many conversations lack. The process…

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3 Essential Communication Tips For Building A Successful Sales Team

Communication, communication and more communication. No pun intended here, but for some sales managers, communication is just talk. Effective and proactive communication is as integral to your sales team as professional training, solid sales support and even good sales people. In fact, communication is the glue that holds all of the pieces of the team’s puzzle together. Here are three…

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3 Tips to Communicate More Effectively with Your Sales Team

The old adage, “It is not what you say, but how you say it,” is true and valid.  In today’s business environment, the wrong words or tone of those words can cause misunderstanding and resentment.  As today’s buyers are more educated and sophisticated, sales management must realize that today’s sales people have evolved as well. You Said One Thing, They…

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Beyond Questioning and Listening – How To Build Partnerships

Many salespeople tell me that the greatest skill they can develop is that of excellent communications. And I would agree. Unless you are excelling at this most vital of skills, you risk missing many opportunities that exist out there. However, most salespeople we train overestimate the quality of their communication skills, some by a vast amount. If I were to…

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