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Don’t Encourage The Fight-Or-Flight Response

One of my trainers recently asked a course delegate what his favourite ‘closing’ statement or question was. We often invoke this kind of discussion on our programmes, just to see if anyone is still working from the old mindset of canned scripts or numbed rhetoric. The delegate said he had been taught the one about asking the ‘trapped’ question, where…

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3 Times You Should NOT Maintain Eye Contact With The Prospect

Sales training 101 teaches that you must always maintain eye contact with the prospect during a sales interaction. While this is essentially true, it is not literal. In fact, there are three times during the sale when you do NOT want to look the prospect in the eyes. Eye-to-eye contact is usually a good thing, helping you to gain trust…

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A Great Sales Presentation Is Like A Great Golf Swing

A great sales interaction is not an accident. While an expert-level sales professional can make a sales presentation LOOK like a casual, impromptu conversation, does not mean that it actually IS a causal, unplanned conversation. In fact, a great sales presentation is very much like a good golf swing. Don’t worry, if you are not into the game of golf,…

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What To Do When The Prospect Wants To Engage In Sensitive Talk Like Politics or Religion

Often you get that prospect that wants to get you into a conversation about a sensitive issue such as political beliefs or theology. Also, there are those prospects that wish to use you as their personal sounding board for personal views on everything from racial issues to the sexual relations. It does not matter if your personal views on such…

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