The 3 Biggest Listening Mistakes Sales People Make (And How To Avoid Them…)

Listening skills… Every sales manager and director tells you how important they are but do they actually tell you how to improve them! As sales people elevate their sales skills in other areas, often the area of listening begins to suffer, and usually it is the more experienced pros who are the biggest culprits. There are reasons that listening skills deteriorate over…

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Improve Your Sales Conversations With These Four Simple Steps

There’s a great strategy in communication that, I promise, will revolutionise the way you gain an understanding and rapport with a prospect. It’s something that I have to practice time and time again, as it doesn’t always come naturally in conversttion; but when it does, it works well and gives you that clarity that so many conversations lack. The process…

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How to Listen Better When With a Customer

My wife Donna said the other day that I wasn’t a good communicator because I don’t listen to her. At least, that’s what I think she said…I was on my iPad at the time! It got me thinking about how we salespeople react when customers talk to us. We sometimes run an exercise on our sales courses where the trainer…

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