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How To Overcome The Economy Objection – Video Blog

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Despite the fact that our economy is now growing and we are finally moving away from the dreaded “recession objection”, many sales people are finding that they are still coming up against the economy objection during their sales interactions and are struggling to close the deal because of it. So how do you overcome the […]

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Overcoming Price Objections – Infographic

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Time and time again sales people come up against price objections and too often they are not able to overcome these objections to close the sale. So how do you overcome price objections? Take a look at our short infographic on overcoming price objections and make sure you know how to handle this type of […]

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Why Most Closing Techniques Just Suck

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If you have been around the world of selling for any real length of time then you have to have said to yourself, “This close sucks!” At least once in a while you have to feel that most of the so-called closing techniques, tips, tricks and magical scripts, just don’t hold much water today. The […]

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People Love To Buy, But Hate To Be Sold

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You did everything right. You maintained an excellent prospecting track and qualified the decision maker. You got through a tough gatekeeper screen, set a good appointment and sealed it with cement. The sales interaction was flawless; you covered every objection and left the prospect no choice but to buy. So, what happened? Why didn’t the […]

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A Powerful Answer To The, “I Want To Think About It” Objection

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“I want to think about it…” may be the most popular objection in the world, and still causes many sales people a lot of grief and substantial income. The reason behind the objection is usually that the sales interaction did not successfully inspire a sense of urgency in the prospect. As I have said before, […]

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