How To Build Your Personal Brand As A Salesperson

Branding, the process of creating an emotional connection to a company or product, has been the subject of many studies and much research. Most of that research has revolved around the companies who have a high or low reputation and what to do to enhance the brand. Here, we discuss the qualities you need to build you own brand, the…

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6 Steps To Creating Your Personal Commercial

Commercials are the lifeblood for any company. A commercial can be anything that advertises its benefits to the final customer, and can come in many formats. How you feel about them will determine how successful that commercial campaign is. You should think of yourself and your own personal commercial to your prospects. You do have one (or more) don’t you?…

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Taking Care Of Your Personal Brand

Like it or not, the product and services your company sells have a brand image. Everything the company does contributes or detracts from that image. High-octane brands, like Coca Cola, Microsoft and Mercedes, have built their reputations over years. But what about you? Are you aware of what image you are putting across? This is commonly known as your own…

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