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How To Build Your Personal Brand As A Salesperson

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Branding, the process of creating an emotional connection to a company or product, has been the subject of many studies and much research. Most of that research has revolved around the companies who have a high or low reputation and what to do to enhance the brand. Here, we discuss the qualities you need to […]

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Internet Killed The Telesales Star?

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32 years ago Brit band “Buggles” released their smash hit “Video Killed The Radio Star”, which paid homage to the way that technological advantages in television had crushed the success of the radio with its modern capabilities. In today’s modern world, could we now be seeing the start of a new revolution? Has the internet […]

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MTD Become Sole Distributor For eselling® Training In Europe

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Hello again fellow e-sellers, I have another (highly exciting) snippet for you from the MTD Watercooler. Are you ready for it? Well, it is my great pleasure to inform you that MTD are now the sole distributer of eselling® training in the entire of Europe – how fantastic is that! Over the past few months […]

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