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Lose The Projector – Connect Instead With The Prospect

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We’re often asked to help salespeople put slides together for their presentation to prospects. Some ideas salespeople have are brilliantly creative; some are as boring as the proverbial wet weekend. Naturally, we help out whenever we can and everyone is grateful for our advice on how to improve their presentations. However… The first question we […]

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Is Your Sales Presentation Matching The Buyer’s Needs? – Video Blog

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When it comes to product demonstrations, many sales people fall into the trap of carrying out a a one size fits all presentation with a prepared monologue of what makes there product the best on the market.   What can you do to put a demonstration together to make a real difference? Watch this short […]

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Sales Tales: How Stories Can Increase Your Sales Success

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‘Let me tell you a story…” I remember my mum using those words many times, and it used to grab my attention as I was whisked away into far-off lands, awed by mythical creatures and fairy-tale events. I was hooked on those stories, as they helped to generate ideas for play and increased my creative […]

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