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Should I Present Solutions? Or Are Options Better?

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Those questions were raised at a recent sales course we ran, and they are interesting because most salespeople are trained to present and close at every opportunity. In fact, in one of my favourite films, Glangarry Glenross, Alec Baldwin is famous for using the ABC method of closing, standing for Always Be Closing. So why […]

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Transitioning From Presenting To Gaining Commitment

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There comes a time in every salesperson’s discussion with a prospect when they need to change tack and get to the decision-making bit. You know…grabbing the prospect by the throat and saying  ‘Look, this is what you NEED…when are you gonna say YES?!!!” I know it’s a little forward, but that essentially is what you […]

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How To Get Your Prospect In The Right State Before Presenting

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Have you been successful in a sale and then tried a similar appraoch with someone else, only to find it goes terribly wrong? Join the club! We often think that because we’ve sold our product or service to one person or company, then it must be right for the next person too. And here’s the […]

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Steps To Make Your Presentations Come Alive

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When you have found out precisely what the client is wanting in terms of solutions to their problems, you have earned the right to present those solutions. And much of what you say comes down to demonstrating the viability of your product to serve the needs of the client. So many presentations I have seen […]

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Some Home Truths, Enthusiasm Can Kill The Sale

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In a previous blog we discussed some ideas that many salespeople still live by, but have been proved to be either old school or too cheesy for today’s savvy business buyer. Our next home truth shows that, even though there might be some room for positive enthusiasm, many people think it will automatically encourage the […]

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