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Why Do Salespeople Talk Too Much?

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A few years ago I was privileged to hear an American speaker discuss what were the worst habits that salespeople displayed. Among some of the answers that came up were poor listening, presenting the products too early and having a different agenda to the customer. But one habit that shone out above most of the […]

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Beyond Questioning and Listening – How To Build Partnerships

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Many salespeople tell me that the greatest skill they can develop is that of excellent communications. And I would agree. Unless you are excelling at this most vital of skills, you risk missing many opportunities that exist out there. However, most salespeople we train overestimate the quality of their communication skills, some by a vast […]

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Mind the Gap: Increasing Sales Through Identifying Potential Opportunities

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Many salespeople are getting the message that the customer is not interested in their products and services. They are only interested in the outcomes those products and services will provide for them. Your job is to identify how you can assist your customers achieve their goals, and the clearer you can show your prospect the […]

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