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Beyond Questioning and Listening – How To Build Partnerships

Many salespeople tell me that the greatest skill they can develop is that of excellent communications. And I would agree. Unless you are excelling at this most vital of skills, you risk missing many opportunities that exist out there. However, most salespeople we train overestimate the quality of their communication skills, some by a vast amount. If I were to…

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Ask Deeper Questions To Unearth Treasures in Your Customer’s Business

There was a report in our local paper about a husband and wife who had lived in their house for over 30 years. The husband was definitely not a gardener, and hadn’t done anything of any significance to his garden for all the time they had lived there. If he had done any work in the garden at all, it…

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Asking Business Questions To Build Rapport With Prospects

One of our trainers asked on a sales course recently how they open their visits with customers. Many offered the idea that they should build rapport with customers by commenting on the weather, some items the prospect has in the office, what their journey was like that day, and so on. Our trainer asked how long they take to ask…

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The One-Word Question That Gets The Customer Talking

You know it’s true that the more information you get the customer to tell you, the more knowledge and background you get to assist in developing their business in the future. It’s also true that sometimes the customer may simply shut up and make it very difficult for you to get them to expand on a point. There’s an interesting…

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Mind the Gap: Increasing Sales Through Identifying Potential Opportunities

Many salespeople are getting the message that the customer is not interested in their products and services. They are only interested in the outcomes those products and services will provide for them. Your job is to identify how you can assist your customers achieve their goals, and the clearer you can show your prospect the results your products will provide…

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"And What Do You Do?"

  If I had a pound for the number of times someone has asked me that question, I’d be quite a bit richer! Naturally, we answer in terms of what we actually DO, as the questioner is normally edging in that direction. Many of us have been taught to answer with an ‘elevator speech’, a few succinct words that encapsulate…

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3 Critical Sales Questions

Here are three critical questions you need to confirm with your customer before you have a hope in progressing the sale: Who is going to make the decision? That’s pretty obvious, but do you know who the key influencers are, too? Who are the people the decision-maker is going to take counsel from, ask approval of, or commit the product…

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To Improve Your Sales, Connect With Your Prospect’s Emotions

I was at Geneva Airport recently, after having delivered an Essential Communication Skills course, and mulling over the key points of the programme. I wandered into the technology store just to kill time. Then my eyes lit up when I saw the new Apple IPad. I’ve read loads about it, and can’t wait to try it out when it comes…

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