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Don’t Encourage The Fight-Or-Flight Response

One of my trainers recently asked a course delegate what his favourite ‘closing’ statement or question was. We often invoke this kind of discussion on our programmes, just to see if anyone is still working from the old mindset of canned scripts or numbed rhetoric. The delegate said he had been taught the one about asking the ‘trapped’ question, where…

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A Great Way To Get Information From Prospects

There’s a saying that sums up where most people’s careers end up, and it goes something like “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up anywhere”. And it’s also true when you’re having a conversation with a prospect. The amount of information you obtain from them is concurrent with the quality of the questions you ask. When we…

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Ask Deeper Questions To Unearth Treasures in Your Customer’s Business

There was a report in our local paper about a husband and wife who had lived in their house for over 30 years. The husband was definitely not a gardener, and hadn’t done anything of any significance to his garden for all the time they had lived there. If he had done any work in the garden at all, it…

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