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Questions To Ask Yourself When You Review The Sales Call

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Whether you are successful or not in a sales call, it is always advantageous to review what you did and didn’t do. The main reason for this is to check whether you and your prospect got the most out of the interaction. If you did well, you can learn how you can apply those ideas […]

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Don’t Lose Your Sales Focus!

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As you know, proper preparation prevents poor performance. You’ve done your homework before the call…you’ve checked your notes from previous meetings…you’ve gone through all the questions you might be asked and prepared quality answers…you’re prepared to share your background and why you are the right company for this prospect…you’ve got testimonials to back up your […]

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Yes, This Is A Sales Call, Have You Got 2 Minutes?

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How refreshing would it be if a cold caller just said those immortal words “Yes, Mr Prospect this is a sales call” right up front? Well, a lot of cold callers are using this technique and are getting some great results. Here’s why: It generates instant rapport In a world where a lot of cold […]

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