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Level The Playing Field For A Great Sales Contest

It is easy to spend a small fortune on sales contests and incentive programs designed to motivate, stimulate and reinvigorate the sales team. However, you may have found that such programs meant to motive, can end up having the reverse affect and deflate, berate and de-motivate instead. Sometimes the problem is not the structure of the contest in itself, but…

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In Sales Management, The Time To Motivate, Is Not Always The Time To Educate

As a sales manager, director or other frontline supervisor of a sales team, you will often have to help sales people correct mistakes. There are times when you absolutely must teach, correct, fix, train or rectify problems and sometimes you will have to reprimand or take disciplinary action. However, there are some times when you must hold back on the…

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3 Ways To Wake Up From a Sales Slump

No matter how long you have been in sales, you will inevitably experience the ups and downs of the business world and create opportunities from them or suffer from the pain of lost sales. It would be wonderful to always maintain a high profile with all your customers, and be on top of your game at all times. But what…

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