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The One Quality That Will Improve Your Results Overnight & In The Long Term

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We’re often asked what salespeople can do to improve their results. Naturally, there’s no one answer that fits all, but there is one thing that we see that definitely has an effect not only on the way salespeople work but also the results they achieve in the short and long term. You’ve heard the phrase […]

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Stop Being A Salesperson & Be A Business Resource

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Many surveys have been carried out asking for business-buyers’ reactions to salespeople who approach their businesses. Many buyers are impressed by the level of knowledge that some salespeople bring with them, and often comment to us about their professionalism and business acumen. However there are still too many salespeople out there who simply try to […]

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Don’t Sell Products…Sell Results They Can Measure

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I’ve listened to more presentations from salespeople than I care to remember. Many have been superb, most average, some dire. Where I see most successful salespeople getting the orders is when they remember the prospect is simply not interested in you or your product. Your services after the sale are not high in their mind. […]

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