Ever Heard Of The Straight Line Sales System By Jordan Belfort?

I went to see The Wolf Of Wall Street last weekend and I absolutely loved it!

It was right up my street but not for “you know what!”

I loved it for the fast pace of the movie and the sales!

The film is about Jordan Belfort a greed obsessed, drug taking Stockbroker who made hundreds of millions only to be convicted of fraud due to his penny stock boiler room business.

At the end of the movie it pans onto Belfort, some years later as a Sales Trainer and Motivational Speaker promoting his Straight Line Sales System.

Although Jordan Belfort was an advocate of the “hard sell” which I am not, I took time out to actually look into his Straight Line System Sales System.

There’s lots to it but the crux of it is this…

In an ideal world a sale would be like the straight below from A to B. The open would be at A and the close at point B in a straight line. i.e the prospect would say yes to everything you say with no resistance or objections whatsoever.

But that’s never going to happen!

Instead, the prospect will give you objections and excuses taking you away from the straight line like this:

Now it’s your job to keep the prospect within certain boundaries bringing them closer to the straight line and if the prospect takes you out of those boundaries then you lose control of the call and you need to reign them back in.

Here’s a tip: The person who asks the most questions is in control of the call. It’s your job to be in control of the call.

It might sound obvious and it is to be honest but it’s a good explanation of what happens on a call from building the initial rapport on the call all the way through to the close.

**UPDATE – 29th May**  I recently attended a seminar run by Jordan Belfort.

CLICK HERE for my “53 Takeaways from the event”

Happy Selling!

Sean McPheat
Managing Director
MTD Sales Training

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Sales Summit 2011 – Where Straight Talking, Bare-Knuckle Negotiating, Magic And Mystery Stole The Show

Hi all,

It’s Louise here again, filling you in on the latest news from the MTD HQ. November has been a very busy month for Sean and the team as we held our first ever Sales Summit recently!

MTD’s MD Sean McPheat has had many successful experiences keynoting at business events and conferences across the country, and he thought it was about time MTD had our very own sales event…and what an event it was!

Our 2011 Sales Summit was held on Thursday 17th November in Heathrow, and with over 100 UK and international sales professionals in attendance it certainly was a packed day.

The Summit played host to 3 fantastic speakers who presented four must-see sessions on all manner of topics, from prospecting, networking and building value during a sales interaction, right up to influencing, negotiating and communicating with potential customers.

Sean kicked off the day with his first session on “The Ultimate Sales Audit”, where he helped guests to thoroughly rip their sales approach to pieces and really analyse the way that they currently sell. Sean encouraged his guests to make the most of their sales interactions and gave great direction on how to pre-sell their products.

The second session of the day was taken by international public speaker Simon Hazeldine, who had our guests rolling with laughter during his fantastic session on “Bare Knuckle Negotiating”. As an ex-bouncer from a former life, Simon had plenty of real-life experiences to share with our guests as he took our delegates through the negotiation process – sharing with them the strategies, tricks and tactics they need to survive and thrive when negotiating with a client.

Following a networking lunch in the beautiful atrium of the Radisson Edwardian Hotel, guests took their seats once again as Sean McPheat returned to the stage to present his much sought-after session on eselling®. Sean is the creator of the alternative sales approach known as eselling®, which helps businesses to prospect and sell online through the use of social media and other internet based services. Guests, of course, were very keen to see this session in particular, as this is fast becoming one of the biggest successes of Sean’s recent accomplishments.

During this session Sean showed his guests how they can use the internet to network with key decision makers, listen for leads, prospect online and position themselves as an industry expert.

One of the main focuses of the eselling® approach is to teach sales professionals how to use social media within their business, and to gain a real and substantial return on their investment – so Sean treated his guests to a 20 minute LinkedIn video tutorial, in which he gave guests a guided tour of the benefits of using LinkedIn as a business tool and showed them how they can create valuable business leads via this medium.

The day was capped off nicely by a very entertaining session from Sean’s number one Sales Trainer Mark Williams. Mark presented a session on The New ROI, in which he showed guests how to get a return on influence with their clients. Mark taught guests how to better understand and communicate with their clients, how to get clients on their side and how to influence people on a subconscious level.

In a final flurry of magic and mystery Mark even turned four grown men into a human table which went down a storm with the attendees!

Following the event, both Sean and the team have received some brilliant feedback from our guest, with many commenting that they are very much looking forward to next year’s Summit. Here’s what a few of our attendees have said about the Sales Summit:

“Sean delivers an excellent approach to selling that has helped me tremendously with my sales techniques. The conference he set up was great and I would recommend attending it to expand your abilities as a salesman.” – Andy Naisbitt, Business Development Manager at Gen3 Kinematics

“Sean is an inspiring and well prepared presenter. His ideas on today’s buyer are clearly well researched and his modern day sales concepts are backed up with practical examples and his own living proof that they work – Sean “walks his talk”. An expert in his field, Sean is also down to earth, personable and appreciative of his audience.” - Stephanie Keller, Sales Coach and Consultant at S2 Strategic Skills

“A fantastic and informative Sales Summit day, full of brand new content. I have learned more than in any other course I have attended in the past, the event was well organised and the speakers were amazing. I really look forward to attending some other courses with MTD Sales Training and thank you very much for your on-going email support which I highly appreciate and respect.” Kubilay Tunc, The Cumberland Hotel

Both Sean and the team have been thrilled with the feedback we’ve received from the event and we are now looking forward to the 2012 Sales Summit – bring it on!

Happy Selling!

Louise Denny

Marketing Manager

MTD Sales Training

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