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4 Strategies All Successful Salespeople MUST Employ

We often see the successful salesperson and put it down to being in the right place at the right time, getting the breaks or simply being ‘lucky’. When successful people are analysed, though, we see that, although there may be streaks of luck involved in their successful results, by far the majority of the results they achieve come from doing…

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Ever Heard Of The Straight Line Sales System By Jordan Belfort?

I went to see The Wolf Of Wall Street last weekend and I absolutely loved it! It was right up my street but not for “you know what!” I loved it for the fast pace of the movie and the sales! The film is about Jordan Belfort a greed obsessed, drug taking Stockbroker who made hundreds of millions only to…

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Sales Summit 2011 – Where Straight Talking, Bare-Knuckle Negotiating, Magic And Mystery Stole The Show

Hi all, It’s Louise here again, filling you in on the latest news from the MTD HQ. November has been a very busy month for Sean and the team as we held our first ever Sales Summit recently! MTD’s MD Sean McPheat has had many successful experiences keynoting at business events and conferences across the country, and he thought it…

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