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3 Different Ways To Sell Your Products – Which Is Best For You?

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If you search on Amazon for books on selling, the list goes on for ever.  The advice out there is profound, in its complexity and number, and much of it is relevant only in certain cases or when you are working in certain conditions. Salespeople in general are always looking for how to improve their […]

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You Don’t Need To Be The Best, You Just Need To Be Different Nowadays

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“But Sean, my products and services are great. We’re the best by a mile so why don’t we get all of the business?” It’s a question I get asked a lot! Unfortunately, having a great product is not enough nowadays. You still need to prospect in the right way – you can’t assume it’s coming […]

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5 Steps In Dealing With A Buyer With No Authority- Video Blog

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I am sure you have come across this many of times, going through all the details with a potential buyer and finding out they need to get approval from someone else or a committee. We refer to these people as information gatherers where the real buyers don’t have time to deal with salespeople. It is […]

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3 Myths Of Relationship Selling

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Have you ever met with a prospect and got on really well, then it ends up that they never return your calls or emails and you can’t get in touch with them? How frustrating is that?! There are many reasons why this may occur, but here are three myths about relationship selling that might explain […]

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Some Home Truths, Does Persuasion Always Work?

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In a previous blog, we discussed some home truths that are real-world truths in 2010 and beyond. One of them was as follows: False: Your persuasion techniques and convincing arguments will get the sale Truth: It’s friendly, intelligent engagement that will convince the prospect they should talk to you Many sales interactions consist of the […]

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