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Has The Economy Forced You To Become An Entrepreneur?

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Over the past few years the UK economy has ‘forced’ many people to become reluctant entrepreneurs, through redundancy and lack of PAYE options. Well this blog is to sing praise to those people. I spend a lot of time encouraging and talking to small business owners advising them on matters such as social media marketing […]

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Motivate For SHOW, Manage For DOUGH

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As a sales manager, director or otherwise, frontline supervisor of a sales team, you have many challenges. Motivating the crew to do their best is usually the primary goal and the area where most sales managers spend their time. However, in motivating the team, it is easy to overlook the individual sales person. After a […]

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How To Inspire Sales People To Do Their Best

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The sales team works hard. Most put in long hours, study diligently and follow the plan. However, are all doing as well as they can? Are all of your sales people actually working as hard, trying has much and giving it all they have? In short, are they doing their very best? Below are some […]

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