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You Don’t Need To Be The Best, You Just Need To Be Different Nowadays

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“But Sean, my products and services are great. We’re the best by a mile so why don’t we get all of the business?” It’s a question I get asked a lot! Unfortunately, having a great product is not enough nowadays. You still need to prospect in the right way – you can’t assume it’s coming […]

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What To Say When They’re Happy With Their Current Supplier

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One of the hardest situations for a salesperson to deal with is when a prospect is using an existing supplier and is satisfied with the arrangement. Often, clients get used to a supplier and fall into a sort of ‘well of comfort’ where they accept the level of support as being the norm, and are […]

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Who Is Your Greatest Competitor?

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Many salespeople are afraid of their clients talking about the competition. To most salespeople, it is a word that is sure to incur fear and trepidation into their presentation or even their approach. They assume that the client will be looking at the competition and when (not if) they are mentioned, it causes deflation and […]

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3 Ideas for Selling Against The Competition

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Many questions we get asked here at MTD revolve around selling against the competition. If prospects mention they are talking to other suppliers, how should you handle it? What’s the best way to approach the subject without it sounding apologetic or obviously downgrading their capabilities? The best way is to define how the competition are […]

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