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3 Different Ways To Sell Your Products – Which Is Best For You?

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If you search on Amazon for books on selling, the list goes on for ever.  The advice out there is profound, in its complexity and number, and much of it is relevant only in certain cases or when you are working in certain conditions. Salespeople in general are always looking for how to improve their […]

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7 Steps To Selling To Clients Who Are Indecisive- Video Blog

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For a prospect making a decision to buy means taking the risk of a competitor coming by soon after with a better proposal that is a better fit to the prospects situation. How do we insure that we are making the prospect confident that they are making a good decision even if they are indecisive? […]

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People Buy For Reasons, Not For Logic

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The challenge is often raised – “if we know why people buy we would always sell to them!” We talk about “buying triggers” and we use plenty of related jargon to talk about the moment at which people buy something, the reasons people buy something and what we can do to influence it. It is […]

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