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Why You Should Only Present Solutions To Needs & Not To Problems

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“He keeps talking in techno waffle! I don‘t  understand half of what he says. I’ve got a simple problem that needs solving, not something that requires a Rocket Scientist!“ – A Confused Prospect I come across this a lot. You  might be selling something that is pretty complicated as it is; so why make it […]

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Only Applicable Knowledge Is Power

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I believe someone once said that knowledge is power. I beg to differ however. It is really only applicable knowledge that is power. As a professional sales person, you can have all of the knowledge in the world. But unless you know how to apply that knowledge to help the buyer; it is useless. However, […]

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Make Your Presentation Come Alive

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I’ve sat through literally hundreds of presentations by salespeople trying to sell me their products or services. And most of them have been from companies I have actually asked to come in and tell me about their products. Whether they were office furniture salespeople who wanted to kit out our new offices or recruitment agencies […]

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Some Home Truths, Solve Problems Or Open Opportunities

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In a previous blog, we discussed some home truths about selling that have created a lot of interest, mainly because some people still think the old buyers still exist for their outmoded style of selling. Here’s another of those home truths that brings salespeople kicking and screaming into the 21st century: False: It’s the salesperson’s […]

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A Quick And Useful Solution Selling Model To Use

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Success leaves clues and from working with and training thousands of the very best sales people in the world I get a great insight into what they do and how they do it! One of the key factors that makes these people stand out from the rest is structure. That does not mean that they […]

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